Introduction to company HD-INFO Ltd.

HD-INFO is privately held company, specialized for information and communication systems. Through its history, company sucesssfully finished several large project in domain of information security. Following this path, company developed its own software in field of information security and electronic commerce. Two original software products: TrueSigner and SmartClient provide new possibilites for applying electronic bussiness. TrueSigner is a tool to produce legal binding electronic documents, according to EU and IETF standards. SmartClient is flexibile software infrastructure to build private value systems using smart cards to reward customer loyalty, organise collection of small payments or to manage subscriptions.

In brief company fields of competence are:

  • COMSEC – applying logical security methods to protect information in modern communication systems.
  • DATASEC- applying security methods for protecting information in modern information systems,
  • PKI – development, consulting, installation of Public Key Infrastructures,
  • DIGITAL SIGNATURE – system and application development,
  • ISMS – developing Information Security Management on basis of ISO-27001,
  • INFOSEC – information security Risk Assessment,
  • INTERNET Security,
  • SMART CARD systems.

Company is established in 1992. Today company employs highly specialized engineers in combination with marketing specialists.

Company references:

  • Zagrebačka banka – a leading Croatian bank,
  • Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d.. – a leading Croatian bank,
  • Zagreb Stock Exchange,
  • Croatian government,
  • Financijska agencija – government agency dealing with fund transfer and support for Croatian National Bank,
  • CARNET – organization supporting Croatian academic network,
  • Siemens Croatia a company owned by Siemens AG,
  • Ericsson Nikola Tesla a company owned by Ericsson..